Rep. Maxwell Frost Leaves Hearing Witness With Her Mouth Agape

The farce that was the Biden impeachment inquiry hearing today looked and sounded even more ridiculous than it sounded before the hearing, as Democratic Representatives took turns pummelling Republican witnesses who were witnesses to nothing, so presented no evidence, and one wonders why they were even there. None were more dismissive of the process than Rep. Maxwell Frost who called this sham hearing for what it is, leaving poor Eileen O’Connor gobsmacked.

Source: Mediate

Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) unloaded on the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden during a meeting of the House Oversight Committee on Thursday – so much so, that one witness appeared aghast at the lawmaker’s scathing remarks.

Republicans on the committee called three witnesses to testify: Fox News contributor and George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley; Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Eileen O’Connor; and Bruce Dubinsky, a forensic account. Notably, none of these witnesses were fact witnesses, but rather experts in their respective fields. Nevertheless, the GOP’s witnesses – especially Turley – seemed skeptical about the evidence presented so far.

“This fake impeachment is based on desperate political calculation, not any evidence,” Frost declared. “And Mr. Chairman, you say this hearing is to establish the basis for this fake sham impeachment hearing, but these witnesses are not giving us any basis or giving us any evidence.”

Comer interrupted but Frost reclaimed his time.

“These witnesses are not giving any answers,” Frost continued. “They’re just asking more questions. We have one witness who has a lot of questions – Ms. O’Connor –, Dubinsky – one witness who knows something about accounting but has no real involvement in what’s going on –, and Mr. Turley’s stopping here on his way to his next Fox News hit.”

As he spoke O’Connor could be seen on camera with her jaw agape, as if to be in disbelief at Frost’s dismissive remarks.

“This is not a serious inquiry,” he went on. “Impeachment is something that’s very serious and we have to ensure we focus on the wants and needs of the American people. This is all for nothing.”

And if you want to know what Frost thought of O’Connor’s priceless reaction, he made the image of a shocked O’Connor the background photo on his X/Twitter account.


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