Ron Johnson: Clouds Will Stop Global Climate Change

On Sunday, Senator Ron Johnson (Q – The Green Greenland) was on a tear during a segment on Fox while discussing climate change. RoJo made the astonishing claim that there was not really a climate change crisis and that it was just so much hysteria based on bad science.

The spit take moment came when he said that the alarmists were “ignoring the impact of clouds to basically act as a heatsink.” Then, just as you’re wiping your drink off your chin and shirt, he adds the doozy that windmills are killing the whales. (Note to self – see if RoJo is selling merch saying “Save a whale – tilt a windmill.”)

Of course, RoJo has a long history of spouting out unique climate change theories, starting with the doozy that climate change is actually caused by sunspots. Maybe RoJo figures that the clouds will prevent the sunspots’ climate changing rays from reaching the earth.

Then, just a couple of years ago, RoJo claimed that climate change has always been a thing and to prove it, he said that Greenland was once actually a green land, hence its name. Apparently, Greenland wasn’t getting enough cloud coverage to protect it from those pesky sunspots.

And who could forget that just earlier this year, RoJo carefully explained that climate change is actually a good thing – except, of course, for those poor Black people living in Africa.

RoJo then really went over the deep end with this:

This president is destroying this country. Radical leftism, climate change alarmism, our miserably failed response to the pandemic – these are all designed to create a state of fear so that the globalists can control our lives. We have to say, “Stop.”

Of course, it’s the globalists!

Ron’s attitude toward climate change is just him trying to protect us poor, dumb people from the controlling globalists and has absolutely nothing to do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars of fossil fuel cash he is rolling in, amirite?

I think when RoJo said that the clouds would save us, I think he meant his usual smoke and mirrors.

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