Ron Johnson: Most Inept Traitor In American History

For years, Senator Ron Johnson has denied and minimized his involvement in the Republican fake elector scheme, even though more and more testimony and documents contradicted his claims of innocence. However, amid the thousands of pages of emails, texts and other documents stemming from the settlement of a lawsuit against former Trump lawyers Kenneth Chesebro and Jim Troupis, is the strong evidence to date that RoJo is lying through his teeth.

This week’s records release shows a text from Troupis directly to Johnson on the morning of January 6.

“We need to get a document on the Wisconsin electors to you for the VP immediately,” Troupis texted Johnson.

Six minutes later, Johnson initiated a group text with Troupis and his chief of staff, Sean Riley.

“Jim Troupis, meet Sean Reilly [sic],” Johnson wrote.

About one hour after that, Johnson notified Troupis, “We have been informed the VP cannot accept any unsealed mail and I cannot hand it to him.”

“At a minimum, you could read it into the record,” Troupis replied.

Johnson never responded to Troupis’ suggestion.

In another area, the documents reveal that Mike Roman, a Trump campaign staff person, had told RoJo’s Chief of Staff exactly what they wanted them to deliver:

In a text exchange with Mike Roman, a Trump campaign official who has since been charged in Georgia in connection to the electors plot, Troupis said he hadn’t been too specific with Johnson.

“Ron will be expecting something,” Troupis texted Roman. “I did not go into detail with him.”

“I told Sean what is [sic] was,” Roman replied.

Roman’s assertion that he let Riley know about the documents’ contents undercuts Johnson’s past statements that his staff also didn’t know what Troupis had sent.

What really caught my eye was the line where RoJo said he could not deliver the slates of fake electors to Pence because the envelopes were not sealed. Yet Chesebro and others had texted to each other that the envelopes had been indeed sealed when they were delivered to RoJo. This would indicate that either RoJo or his aide had opened the envelopes at some point when they were in their posession.

To put it another way, presuming that RoJo and/or his aide had opened the envelopes, they had inadvertantly foiled the whole fake elector scheme they were trying to pull off. We already knew that RoJo was one of the most stupid members of the senate, but if could mean that he is also the most inept traitor in American history. You just can’t make this stuff up.

He only had one job to do – deliver the envelopes to Pence – and RoJo was too dumb to even do that.

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