Scaredy Cat Hannity: 'Jacked Up Joe's' SOTU Frightened Me

Big, tough alpha male Sean Hannity said on his Fox News show that “Jacked Up Joe” Biden actually “frightened” him during the President’s State of the Union address on Thursday night. He has gone from calling Biden “Sleepy Joe” to “Jacked Up Joe.” Oh, and I see he got his talking points to describe Biden as “angry” when that’s not true. Perhaps he was reading Donald Trump’s Truth Social posts where he called Biden “angry as hell.”

Trump described Biden as angry several times. There was no word on their feelings about the anger coming from controversial troll doll Marjorie Taylor Greene or Wisconsin Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-Drunk), who shouted “lies” several times at the President who was not lying.

“Tonight, President Joe Biden laid out his radical wish list for America,” Hannity said. “His speech was so hyped up. It was bizarre. I will not be shouting the whole hour. Frankly, so at odds with everyday Joe, it’s even frightening, to me.”

“He spent most of the night shouting, speeding through his speech, and clearly overcompensating from the normal everyday Joe that can barely string two sentences together,” he continued.” At times, it became uncomfortable watching him screaming and yelling and speeding through that speech.”

“The AP affectionately called it feisty,” he added. “I guess that’s one way to describe it. Tonight, America saw, let’s say, a very different Joe Biden. I might call him Jacked Up Joe, and that’s being charitable. He sounded like a hyper-caffeinated, angry old man. We’ll have a lot more on that coming up.”

So, Sleepy Joe is out then, eh? I’d love to ask Hannity what Trump’s boots taste like. It must get old licking those things. Dark Brandon was on fire last night. Stay mad, you salty bitch.

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