Sen. Tuberville: Liberalism 'Satanic Cult' That's Ruined Education

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) asserted Tuesday that a liberal “satanic cult” had “ruined” sex education in schools.

During an interview with right-wing podcaster Charlie Kirk, Tuberville said that he had first declared schools a satanic cult while campaigning in Utah.

“I was out there, and they asked me what I thought and the direction this country were going,” he recalled. “And I said that. I said, we’re fighting a satanic cult.”

“Liberalism, it can’t build,” the senator continued. “All it does is destroy. We’re not just in a policy disagreement up here in the Senate and the House. We’re in a war of good versus evil.”

Tuberville complained that “wokeism” was not in “any Bible that I’ve ever read.”

“Liberalism and socialism in these cities are making it worse and worse,” he argued. “They’ve ruined education, sex education, our schools.”

“And look what they’re doing, transitioning young kids before they even reach teenage years,” Tuberville added. “And if that’s not a satanic cult, I don’t know what is.”

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