Senate To Vote Tuesday On End Run Around Tuberville Block

I don’t think they’re going to have a problem getting 60 votes, so if they can get this done before the Republicans ineptly shut down the government, great. Via NPR:

When it comes to rule changing, there’s generally resistance in the Senate. But Klobuchar says the pressure from Republicans on Tuberville to stop his protest makes her confident the committee can pass a new temporary resolution, which is scheduled for a vote next week.

Senate rules allow Tuberville to hold up nominations all by himself. But a small group of senators has introduced a measure that would allow most military promotions to be approved as a group (or “en bloc”) with a simple majority vote.

The measure would need to be approved by the Rules Committee before coming up for a vote in the full Senate, where it would need 60 votes to pass.

When asked for comment on that, Klobuchar addressed Tuberville directly.

“This isn’t a game, Sen. Tuberville,” she said. “It’s not a football game. It’s real life. Right now, you have the head of the Marines who had a heart attack and is in the hospital after trying to do two jobs. You’ve got the head of Cybercom held up while that is clearly one of Vladimir Putin’s weapons, using the internet, using cyber against our country and others. You’ve got the head of the Air Command in the Pacific held up. It’s just one thing after another.”

The Rules Committee vote will be held on Tuesday afternoon and would move to the Senate floor after.

I remain convinced that Tuberville is doing this at Donald Trump’s urging — the man who first urged him to run. He’s never taken a “principled” stand in his life, yet suddenly he’s a moral arbiter? Smells like a certain chaos agent to me.

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