Seth Meyers Brings You 'Trump In 90 Seconds'

With Nikki Haley bowing out of the GOP primary race on Wednesday, Donald Trump became the party’s presumptive nominee for president. Comedian Seth Meyers used his late night show’s “A Closer Look” segment to give a succinct (and funny) reminder of exactly who the Republican candidate for president of the United States is.

Well, here we are, you guys. Donald Trump is now the presumptive GOP nominee for president again for a third time, despite the fact that he’s a twice-impeached, four-time criminal indictee and racist, who’s been found liable for fraud and sexual abuse, banned from doing business in the state of New York for three years, owes over half a billion dollars in fine, took millions from foreign governments while he was president, tried to extort a foreign country to interfere in an election in 2020, and encouraged another to help him win in 2016. 

Actively undermined the nation’s response to a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and let a deadly disease spiral out of control; is about to go on trial for breaking campaign finance laws by paying hush money to cover up an affair during the 2016 campaign. 

Orchestrated a months-long coup attempt that culminated in a violent insurrection to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power and install him as an unelected dictator.

Stole classified documents and obstructed attempts to get them back, has never once won the popular vote, and has been routinely rejected by a majority of Americans in election after election. 

Spews deranged conspiracy theories about everything from climate change to immigration to vaccines to windmills. Glitches on three-syllable words, two-syllable words, and one-syllable words. Cheats at golf, can’t spell his own name, his wife’s name, or the words “indicted,” “education,” “unprecedented,” “stolen,” “Denmark,” “Kentucky,” or “tap.” And is on top of everything else the single weirdest and most off-putting human being on the face of the f—ing planet. 

And this is the same planet Ted Cruz lives on. So that’s saying something.

Unlike Trump, Meyers need not worry about being sued for defamation: 

  • Donald Trump made history in January 2021, when he was impeached for a second time for high crimes and misdemeanors.

  • Federal, state, and local investigations have led to four criminal trials for Trump, encompassing nearly 100 charges.

  • There are too many examples of Trump’s racism to list, but you could easily kick it off with his 2015 candidacy announcement at Trump Tower, where he called Mexican immigrants drug smugglers and “rapists.”

  • Trump was indeed found liable for sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll. Carroll was awarded a total of $88.3 million for sexual abuse and defamation.

  • A judge ruled against Trump in a New York real estate civil fraud case.  He was ordered to pay a $364 million penalty and  barred from running a business in New York for at least three years.

  • Between the judgments in the Carroll case and his civil fraud case, Trump is estimated to owe roughly $542 million.

  • While there are varying estimates, it is clear that while president, Trump made somewhere in the ballpark of $160 million from international business dealings.

  • Trump’s attempts to extort Ukraine into digging up dirt on his presumptive 2020 presidential rival Joe Biden are pretty well documented.

  • Trump’s heartless mishandling of our COVID-19 response and the misinformation he spewed are estimated to have resulted in hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.

  • Trump is truly unpopular, losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and losing both the popular and electoral vote to Biden in 2020.

  • Trump’s refusal to turn over classified documents (and in some cases possibly hide them) led to the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago in August 2022.

  • There are pages and pages of stories detailing how much Trump cheats at golf.

Yup, everything Meyers said is verifiably true. Vote blue!

Republished with permission from Daily Kos.

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