'Smurf': Comer Melts Down After Confrontation About Loan To Brother

Everything that House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) has come up with to attack President Joe Biden has created an incredible backlash. It’s almost become enjoyable to see what Comer will come up with next. Comer’s investigative skills were working hard when he found out that President Biden had loaned money to his (checks notes) brother. If you look at the check for the loan, it says “loan repayment.”

Then, Comer wanted Biden to provide proof that it was a loan even though the check with “loan repayment” scribbled on it is proof. The self-owns Comer unleashes are incredible, and he definitely short-circuited today.

Comer referred to Rep. Goldman as ‘Mr. Trust Fund’ during the hearing today. Wait until he hears about the leader of the Republican Party who shits in a golden toilet. That will blow his mind! Then he claimed that Rep. Jared Moskowitz looked like a “smurf,” and we’re sure that was very helpful.

“You continue to spew disinformation,” Moskowitz said. “You have gone on TV and said the President did something illegal. You’re doing stuff with your brother.”

“The American people have the same questions,” Moskowitz said while Comer is seen losing every single shit he has. “The American people have the same questions. Why should they believe you?”

“Why should they believe what you’re saying, Mr. Chairman?” he continued. “Why? You go on Fox News and say loans and appeals are a way to evade taxes. We don’t know that’s what you’re doing or not. We don’t know.”

Then Comer called Moskowitz a “proven liar,” and when asked to back that up, he did not

‘Your word means nothing, Mr. Chairman,” he added.

Moskowitz did a great job turning that around on Comer. However, Comer didn’t take it well at all. I guess he’s still healing from his recent history of self-owns.


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