SOTU: Donald Trump, Beauty School Dropout

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address was so on point that I want to see it again. It was inspiring, and he spanked MAGA hard for 67 minutes with facts, humor, and passion. It was a bad evening for MAGA Republicans. But they made themselves look bad. MAGA Rep. Troy Nehls arrived at the SOTU looking like someone I met in rehab 25 years ago, and Marjorie Taylor Greene took Biden’s bait and was owned so hard.

Team Trump said on Truth Social, “Tonight, you won’t hear Crooked Joe Biden say the name: Laken Riley.” Joe Biden did just that and brought up Laken Riley. Everything that Trump predicted did not come true. Trump, a serial liar, announced that he would fact-check Biden’s SOTU on Truth Social. However, his site went down for a while.

Once it was running again, Trump gave Biden beauty tips, including, “His hair is much better in the front than on the back!” and “Who kissed him on the cheek with lipstick? Now he’s got lipstick on his face. How stupid of her!”

This is incredible:


I guess this is Trump getting serious:


I can’t believe he’s giving anyone hair advice.

I don’t know what this is about:

Trump is way out of his league. Biden was on fire last night, while Trump posted mean-girl memes.

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