Spinoff Series The Librarians: The Next Chapter Casts The Outpost Alum Jessica Green

Did you know that the CW had a spinoff series of The Librarians in the works? Well, they do, and it looks like the project, which is called The Librarians: The Next Chapter, is well on its way to showing up on a small screen near you.

Today, Deadline reported that Jessica Green—who you might have seen star in another fantasy-adventure series on The CW, The Outpost (pictured above)—has joined the new show. Dean Devlin, who wrote 1994’s Stargate, 1996’s Independence Day, and created the more recent television series The Ark and Almost Paradise—is also on board as showrunner.

The Librarians ran from 2014 to 2018 on TNT and was itself the spinoff of a popular film series from the early 2000s. The premise is that an ancient society called The Librarians protected humanity from ancient, magical artifacts and got involved in other supernatural shenanigans. The show starred Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, John Larroquette, Lindy Booth, John Harlan Kim, and Noah Wyle.

The Next Chapter focuses on a Librarian from the past who finds himself in our present day. He accidentally unleashes magic onto the world when he returns to his castle (which is now a museum), and brings together a group of Librarians to help right his wrongs.

Green will be playing a Guardian named Charlie Cornwall. Her character was initially rejected to be a Guardian or protector of the Librarians, but was called up to guard this Librarian from the past on a trial basis. Like many Guardians, she has a military background and can, presumably, kick ass.

No news yet on other casting or when The Librarians: The Next Chapter will premiere on the CW. icon-paragraph-end

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