Studio 189 Celebrates a Decade of Design with a Joyful Spring Collection of Illuminating Prints and Color

It’s been 10 whole years since Studio 189 ––the social enterprise co-founded by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah–– first took the industry on an electrifying ride through the African diaspora. From thoughtfully curated mixtapes to the runway, Studio 189’s mission has always been to support African brands and talents.

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This year marks what Erwiah describes as a “decade of purpose” and what better way to uplift every voice than to sing, and in this case, dance? The Spring 2024 show began with a word by Eve Ensler, beautifully sharing the mission of Studio 189.

The fashion that followed, handmade in Accra, Ghana, featured threads of tradition and years of storytelling that might have been new to the audience. Common Ghanaian fabrics were woven into modern skin-baring silhouettes from cut-out dresses, square-neck crop tops, and strapless jumpsuits.

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A vibrant color story is common for most collections of the season, but the bright blues, electrifying oranges and sunshine yellows are intentional as well as illuminating. The cheery hues speak to the connection between Africa and its western diaspora.

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The socially impactful brand had a message in every part of its show. From the opening words that shouted out the hardworking artisans behind every piece to the show’s backdrop mural that displayed their faces.

With joy as the radiating mood of the season, the show ended with a celebratory dance down the runway.

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