Stylish Women Over 50 All Have This Elegant Haircut In Common

Your fifties and the decades beyond it are an exciting style chapter. For one, you will have truly finessed your personal identity and aesthetic. You know what works for you, the trends that suit you—plus the ones you know you’ll want to pass on. And with age should come confidence in all its forms, both your wardrobe choices but also with your hair. You’ll know your hair inside out and know exactly what looks and feels best for you. However, at this life stage our hair can also experience change. Grey hair can become more prominent and the menopause can bring about further, sometimes difficult, changes, including hair loss or hair thinning. And sometimes our hair texture will simply change as we get older. All of these factors can make us want to switch things up with our hairstyle.

Thankfully, society has shifted in that many mature women now embrace their greys, and gone is the notion that you have to cut your long hair short as you grow older. But if you are looking to cut your hair for whatever reason—crops and bobs are a major trend right now after all—a short hairstyle is a chic and timeless haircut that many women over 50 have made iconic. Take Anna Wintour and her blunt bob, which has become synonymous with her image, or Halle Berry’s iconic pixie cut. So many celebrities over 50 have gone for the chop, which means there is plenty of inspiration for short haircut ideas out there to inspire us all. 

So, I’m turning to over 50s women who have perfected their personal style with their iconic and elegant short haircuts. Scroll ahead to find all the short haircut and hairstyle ideas to take to the salon.

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