'That's Incorrect!' CNN Anchor Fact-Checks GOPer To His Stupid Face

CNN’s Boris Sanchez calmly exposed Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett for conflating a handful of Republican talking points on Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden. The entire ‘Get Hunter Biden’ episode today was a hot mess because, as several Democrats pointed out, they have nothing on the President. It’s a waste of time.

And this is why they wanted the hearing to occur behind closed doors. Rep. Chip Roy was flustered, saying that Democrats are breaking House rules by discussing specific questions asked during the deposition. And that’s because they have nothing. Today was a bust.

Sanchez did his homework to brilliantly take Burchett down while the Tennessee Republican lied about Biden.

“There’s a huge distinction between whether it’s appropriate for the family of a president to make money off of his name and whether that’s ethical,” Sanchez said. “But the question is specifically about what Joe Biden did when he was in office as vice president.”

“Whether he abused his power or whether he enriched his family members,” he continued. “And right now, there is zero evidence coming from the oversight committee that when he was in office, he abused his power.”

“There’s $20 million that flowed through,” Burchett insisted.

“That’s incorrect, sir,” the CNN anchor said. “The bank records don’t reflect that.”

“I looked at the bank records,” he continued. “They don’t say that Joe Biden got any money from them. Have you read the bank records? Because they don’t list Joe Biden’s name.”

“Are you going to let me speak,” Burchett said.

“I’m not going to let you say things that are untrue, sir,” Sanchez told the Tennessee liar.

Well done. And Sanchez was so polite about kicking Burchett’s lying ass.

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