The Best Fall Outfits Always Include These 9 Layering Basics

Don’t ask me how but in the blink of an eye, summer is practically over and fall is here. Sure, we still have a few weeks of sweltering heat left if you’re in New York City but the reality is that fall is slowly creeping in and, just like my mother says, it’s best to be prepared too early rather than too late. I am, of course, talking about fall shopping, complete with runway-approved trends, comfortable footwear, and too many instances of chunky cardigans to count. If you’re already spiraling about the thought of turning over your closet, don’t worry: my secret hack for fall fashion and transitional weather shopping is to start weeks in advance before all of the best items get snatched up or sold out. 

To me, the principle manner of dressing when it comes to fall is to layer well. While you already probably have a slew of traditional layering basics like long-sleeve shirts and tights, there’s always a few fashion-forward items you can buy to spice up your closet come September and October. For those on the hunt for your next fall outfit, look no further: these 9 layering basics are the perfect foundation to base your wardrobe around. Happy shopping!

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