The Right Wing Grifter Mob Comes For… Mitch McConnell?

Eventually, Mitch McConnell, the mob comes for you. And even the Heritage Foundation can’t protect you from attacks by click-seeking YouTubers.

To wit: bottom-feeding YouTuber Benny Johnson (who?) wants to send Mitch McConnell to Gitmo:

BENNY JOHNSON: So the question that should be asked here is, why are they freaking out? And they’re freaking out because everything they told you about Ukraine is a lie. And they are worried, they’re literally crapping themselves because they know that that lie is about to come tumbling down, about to come cratering down. And it couldn’t come at a better time. We’re gonna get to exactly why Mitch McConnell not only should resign in disgrace, but should be tried in Guantanamo Bay.

Wanting desperately to BE Tucker Carlson, Benny (who?) is parroting Kremlin talking points, and Mitch is now on his bad people / “please click on me” list. Because “aid to Ukraine.” Which, given that we are the United States of America, is our honor and our duty.

To Hell with Putin, Tucker, Benny, and who buy their lies.

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