The Wheel of Time’s Third Season Will Focus On the Series’ Fourth Book

There was much Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins couldn’t talk about during his appearances at New York Comic Con. Season two just ended, and it’s early to start dropping hints about season three. But Judkins did spill the beans on a few details—including the fact that the third season will focus on Rand and Perrin, and that the storylines will come primarily from The Shadow Rising, which he called “one of the best books in the series.”

Judkins mentioned a handful of locations that will appear in the next season, including Tanchico, Rhuidean, the Aiel Waste, and a return to Two Rivers. A ship of the Sea Folk has been built, which suggests the series will spend some time exploring their seafaring culture.

He also spoke about the Forsaken, saying he wants to make them more visible earlier than happens in the books: “We really felt like the Forsaken are such an incredible part of the books, and we wanted to bring them to the forefront in season two … I’ve seen some very serious commentary online about the Forsaken and who may not be in the show, but I can confirm that we have cast and put on set a Forsaken you have not seen in the show as of yet.”

Presumably, there’s a lot more coming in the third season that we haven’t seen in the show yet! With season two just over and season three in production, it’ll be a while before we get to see all these new places and faces.

The Wheel of Time is streaming on Prime Video.

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