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The recent event of security mishap might create an immediate downtrend in Arbitrum’s price, targeting closest support level at $1.70. The steeper plunge could steer the price towards the second support level of $1.45. Still, the neutral indications from RSI and stochastic oscillators suggest a balanced market sentiment. As the 10-day SMA floats at $1.99, a retracement might happen soon.

Long term, this incident could be seen as an opportunity. The event might force Arbitrum to enhance its security, thereby boosting investors’ confidence. The MACD signal suggests to buy, and the 100-day SMA is $1.68, pointing to a potential rise in value. If overcome, the nearest resistance of $2.18, we could expect a rise towards the second resistance level of $2.42.

Dogwifhat’s Future Uncertain Amid Market Fluctuations and Woofi Incident

The recent incident with Woofi could cause some ripples within Dogwifhat’s future. With its current rate at $2.13, it stands precariously close to its nearest support level of $1.70. Now, changes in the market condition could drive the price downwards, potentially reaching the second support level of $1.45. This comes as all the simple moving averages and MACD signal a buying action, reflecting a potential positive trend ahead.

On the more hopeful side, this incident might become an opportunity rather than a setback for Dogwifhat. Its price could move beyond its current position, breaching the nearest resistance level of $2.18 and aiming for the second resistance level at $2.42. Holding a position within this range would be a testament to Dogwifhat’s resilience and potential.  


While coins like Arbitrum and Dogwifhat are grappling with market turbulence and uncertainties, BlastUP, backed by the thriving Blast ecosystem, is becoming a beacon of hope and potential. Even though other coins might offer a reasonable potential in the long run, BlastUP’s concept and its comprehensive suite of tools seem to promise the best return on investment. Therefore, it is deemed as the coin with the highest potential in the crypto space, offering lucrative opportunities to prospective and dedicated crypto investors.





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