These 30 Affordable Nordstrom Finds Will Go With So Many Outfits

As I get older, I have noticed myself opting for more classic staple items, unique basics, and elevated statement pieces—basically, anything I can wear over and over again. Gone are the days when I make mindless one-off buys. If I can’t imagine at least three outfits with a piece I’m considering buying, the chances of going through with the purchase go down drastically. Simply put, I’m about all things affordable and versatile.

With that being said, I’ve gotten particularly good at finding a range of attractive styles that look expensive but actually aren’t. When it comes to online shopping destinations, I find that Nordstrom tends to have a wide variety of well-priced pieces that will go with so much. Since solid shopping recommendations aren’t always so easy to come by, I did a little digging and include my latest affordable and versatile Nordstrom finds below.

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