This 1960s Coastal Getaway Brings The French Riviera To Phillip Island

Phillip Island’s newest accommodation, Le Cabanon, is a gorgeously appointed holiday house that retains its 1960s soul.

The property is a tribute to its namesake — Le Corbusier’s World Heritage-listed 1951 beach shack on the French Riviera.

‘We both are designers, one of us is French, and we thought the name encapsulated everything we wanted for our property: a quintessential and honest coastal house,’ says photographer Victor Vieaux, who owns the property with stylist Sharon Xie.

The Phillip Island home also pays homage to its previous owner, Lena, who holidayed at the property for 45 years. What began as a casual neighbourhood stroll evolved into a profound friendship, leading to the decision to preserve Lena’s familial sanctuary and bring it into the modern era.

Victor originally trained as an architect, and the renovation of Le Cabanon draws on his past experiences working at a Netherlands design firm that praised the use of colour as a device to differentiate spaces.

Each bedroom therefore radiates a distinctive character inspired by the coastal tones, from seafoam green to soothing peach, and buttery shades of yellow. The bathrooms showcase deep oceanic hues reflective of the nearby beaches.

Le Cabanon marks Victor and Sharon’s very first renovation — a labour of love constructed mostly on their own, room by room, over two years.

They kept in touch with Lena, the previous owner, throughout the transformation, and her water skis hang proudly on the home’s facade today. ‘The spirit of Lena’s original holiday house is intact, we just added our vibe,’ says Victor.

Le Cabanon can sleep up to six adults and three children. Be one of the first to stay in this charming seaside home.

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