This Designer Bag Has Reached Icon Status—Here's Why It's Worth the Investment

So what makes the Gucci Marmont bag such an enduring classic? Well, it certainly carries all of the hallmarks of the perfect designer bag: timeless design, practical sizes, premium fabrications, and of course, the instantly recognisable logo, and with even more pieces being added to the Marmont family, you’re guaranteed to find a style you’ll love. And frankly, after the year that gave us other smash hits like the Toteme T-Lock, the Loewe Puzzle Tote, and the Bottega Andiamo, Gucci has done well to grab and hold our attention with not only the buzzy Horsebit chain bag, but also this iconic classic that is as sure to stand the test of time as well the brand’s Jackie and Dionysus styles. 

So, if you’re looking for a bag worth spending a little extra on, here’s one that can meet any dress code, be styled as crossbody, shoulder, or a clutch, and comes in more colours, styles and shapes than any other I can think of. Not bad for a bag that’s been around for less than a decade.

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