This New Cryptocurrency Poised to Surpass Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2024

Dogecoin has dominated the meme coin category since 2013, but a new crypto contender called Pandoshi (PAMBO) is aiming to overtake it in 2024. With Dogecoin development stagnating, Pandoshi sees an opportunity to surpass DOGE with its robust decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Unlike Dogecoin, Pandoshi is not just a meme coin or joke project. It is a serious DeFi initiative built around privacy, anonymity, decentralization, and giving users control over their money. 

The Pandoshi ecosystem sets it apart from Dogecoin with products like its PandaChain layer 2 blockchain solution, PandoshiSwap decentralized exchange, Pandoshi Wallet app, and more in development.

Recent Progress for Pandoshi

While Dogecoin has seen little meaningful development recently, Pandoshi kicked off 2024 strong with two key launches:

Pandoshi launched a beta version of its Pandoshi Wallet app on Android, with an iOS release expected soon. The wallet helps drive the use and adoption of PAMBO tokens as the official Pandoshi mobile wallet.

Pandoshi is currently holding a public token sale of PAMBO, its native token, at a price of $0.01 for the final phase. Over 20% of the allotted PAMBO for phase 5 has sold so far, working out to around $700,000. The cumulative presale raise has exceeded $4 million.

Ambitious 2024 Roadmap to Drive FOMO

Pandoshi has laid out an ambitious roadmap for the rest of 2024 that could leave Dogecoin in the dust by catalyzing tremendous hype and FOMO for PAMBO:

In Q2, the team will launch the PandaChain testnet, preparing it for the mainnet upgrade.

Q3 will see the mainnet launch of PandaChain, allowing ultra-fast and inexpensive transactions that support Ethereum’s ERC token standards. Migrating ecosystem products like PandoshiSwap to PandaChain will significantly enhance usability.

By Q4, Pandoshi aims for partnerships with leading crypto and mainstream companies to boost real-world PAMBO adoption. Major CEX listings are also potentially planned with targets including giants like Binance and Coinbase.

With its vast scope for driving utility and scarcity for PAMBO in 2024, Pandoshi is poised to massively outperform Dogecoin and cement its spot as a top 10 crypto asset.

PAMBO Price Targets by End of 2024

If Dogecoin sees little changes to improve tokenomics before 2024 ends, PAMBO could reasonably hit the following price milestones:

10x From Presale to $0.10: Achievable if the PandaChain mainnet launch goes smoothly or one major CEX listing occurs.

50x From Presale to $0.50: Feasible if PandoshiSwap migration causes a strong uptrend or two major CEX listings take place.

100x From Presale to $1.00: Viable if the full scope of products like PandaChain drive immense hype for PAMBO adoption and Doge fails to innovate.

With its vast roadmap and focus on deflationary tokenomics, PAMBO seems primed for considerable gains as Dogecoin stays stagnant.


Pandoshi has set the stage for an epic rise in 2024 thanks to its robust DeFi ecosystem and ambitious roadmap for driving utility. As Dogecoin rests on its laurels with little updates, Pandoshi could realistically accomplish a 50-100x price surge from today’s $0.01 presale price. That would place its market cap firmly above DOGE in the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies. By out-innovating Dogecoin, Pandoshi stands ready to become the new face of crypto.

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