Top 4 Crypto Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tokens to Watch

AI is revolutionizing the crypto world, moving beyond infrastructure to direct user applications. 

The first wave, led by protocols like RENDER and TAO, laid the foundational infrastructure. Now, the focus is on applications that bring AI’s computational power directly to users. 

Here are four leading crypto protocols driving this new wave of AI applications: Cortex, Bumper, Numerai and Deeper Network.

Cortex ($CTXC)

Cortex aims to bring machine learning capabilities to the blockchain. By integrating AI with smart contacts, Cortex enables decentralized applications to interact with real-world data and adapt dynamically.

Key Features

  • On-chain AI Functions: Allows Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts to call AI functions directly on-chain, maintaining decentralization.

  • Machine Learning Model Submission: Users can submit their machine learning models, which can then be called by smart contracts.

  • Decentralized AI Execution: Ensures AI functions are executed in a decentralized manner, providing transparency and security.

User Benefits:Cortex empowers developers to create smarter, more adaptable DApps. This allows for applications that can respond to real-time data, making them more robust and useful in various scenarios, from financial modeling to predictive analytics.

Future Potential:As more developers leverage Cortex’s capabilities, we can expect a surge in intelligent DApps that revolutionize industries like finance, supply chain management, and beyond. The ability to integrate advanced machine learning models directly into smart contracts opens up endless possibilities for innovation.

Cortex has a market cap of $53m with a native token (CTXC) supply of 221,504,858 

Bumper ($BUMP)

Bumper is an AI-powered risk management protocol designed to provide asset value protection and advanced trading opportunities. It pools risk among users to offer coverage against market volatility.

Key Features:

  • Protects Asset Value: Users set a floor price level which is never breached during the term.

  • AI-Powered Risk Assessment: Utilizes AI to assess volatility and manage risk dynamically and efficiently.

  • Flexible Coverage: Allows users to customize their protection levels based on their needs.

User Benefits:Bumper offers users peace of mind by protecting their crypto assets from market downturns. Its AI-driven approach ensures accurate risk assessment and efficient pricing, making it a valuable tool for investors looking to safeguard their holdings.

Future Potential:Bumper has the potential to become a cornerstone of crypto asset management. As the market matures, demand for sophisticated risk management tools will grow, and Bumper’s innovative approach could set a new standard in the industry.

Bumper has a market cap of $3.8m with a native token (BUMP) supply of 194,875,108.

Numerai ($NMR)

Numerai is a decentralized hedge fund that utilizes AI to generate market signals. It pools open-source AI models from data scientists worldwide, creating a meta-model that informs trading decisions.

Key Features:

  • Crowdsourced Data Science: Engages a global community of data scientists to develop and refine AI models.

  • Meta AI Model: Aggregates these models into a single, powerful predictive tool.

  • Token Incentives: Uses its native token, Numeraire (NMR), to incentivize data scientists.

User Benefits:Numerai provides users with access to a sophisticated AI-driven market signal, enhancing trading strategies and potentially increasing profitability. It democratizes access to advanced financial modeling, allowing anyone to contribute and benefit.

Future Potential:Numerai’s unique approach could revolutionize financial markets by creating more accurate and reliable trading signals. As the platform grows, its meta-model will become increasingly sophisticated, driving better market predictions and potentially transforming the hedge fund industry.

Numerai has a market cap of $139m with a native token (NMR) supply of 6,839,452.

Deeper Network ($DPR)

Deeper Network is an ecosystem of AI agents and hardware designed to enhance internet security. It aims to preemptively thwart cyber threats through decentralized intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Decentralized Security: Uses a network of AI agents to detect and mitigate threats in real-time.

  • User-Owned Hardware: Provides hardware devices that integrate seamlessly with the network, enhancing security and privacy.

  • Blockchain Integration: Ensures transparency and trust in the security protocols.

User Benefits:Deeper Network offers users enhanced security and privacy, protecting them from a wide range of cyber threats. By leveraging decentralized AI, it provides a more resilient and adaptive defense mechanism compared to traditional solutions.

Future Potential:As cyber threats continue to evolve, Deeper Network’s approach could become a standard in internet security. Its decentralized model ensures it can adapt and scale to meet new challenges, providing robust protection for users worldwide.

Deeper Network has a market cap of $11m with a native token (DPR) supply of 2,575,789,693.


AI is reshaping the crypto landscape, driving the next wave of innovation with applications that bring computational power directly to users. Cortex is enabling intelligent DApps through on-chain machine learning, Numerai is transforming hedge fund management with crowdsourced AI, Deeper Network is revolutionizing internet security with decentralized intelligence, and Bumper is setting new standards in risk management and trading.

The importance of AI in crypto cannot be overstated. It enhances the functionality, security, and efficiency of blockchain applications, opening up new possibilities and driving the industry forward. As these projects and others continue to develop, the integration of AI in the crypto world will undoubtedly lead to groundbreaking advancements and a more resilient, adaptive digital ecosystem.

In closing, the synergy between AI and blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize multiple sectors, providing innovative solutions to complex problems. The future of crypto lies in the hands of these cutting-edge AI projects, which are paving the way for a smarter, more secure, and dynamic digital world.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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