TPUSA Staffer Politely Murdered On X-Twitter And It Was Glorious

Sometimes you open up Twitter, also known as “The Bad Place,” and you come across an exchange that is so perfect, so chef’s kiss glorious, so incredibly satisfying, that it makes you miss “Old Twitter” in a deep way.

That day, my friends, was today.

I opened up The Bad Place and saw a tweet from a TPUSA Field Rep (whatever that means – is she a volunteer?).

She accused Maricopa County of sending her 2 ballots. She tagged Stephen Richer, the Republican Maricopa County Recorder. And his reply was *perfection*

Oopsie poopsie, looks like Aubrey had been the one to set this in motion by changing her mailing address. After Stephen Richer explained that to her, he admonished her to only use the ballot sent to her current address. He wrote:

You’ll also notice that one of packet codes ends in “01” (the one to your old address) and one ends in “02” (the one sent to your new address). As soon as the “02” one goes out, the “01” packet is dead. Meaning even if you sent it back, it wouldn’t proceed to signature verification, and it wouldn’t be opened. That’s how we prevent people from voting twice.

So just use the one with your new address ending in “02” — that’s the only one that will work.

Hope this helps! Have a great night! Happy voting!

And she got Community Noted.

Once she got fully shamed, she posted a snarky response.

Which led to Stephen Richer politely schooling her AGAIN!

Guys. She was murdered TWICE on social media. And her dead body was community noted.

Twitter ERUPTED.


I love that he ended with this:

WELL DONE, Sir. Well done.

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