Trump 2024: Like A Punch In The Nuts

Jordan Klepper went to North Carolina to speak with voters at a pre-Super Tuesday Nikki Haley rally to get a feel for what they would do if Haley was no longer in the race.

Every one of the people with whom Klepper spoke were Never Trumpers. They would cite things like alll of Trump’s legal issues, the fact that he is a rapist, his coziness with Putin and the insurrection as reasons why they don’t support him.

But before you get your hopes up that there are some rational Republicans out there, almost all of them, at least the ones that Klepper showed, said that they would vote for Trump, albeit reluctantly, if it was just between Trump and Biden.

Even when Klepper would lean on them and try to lead them to sanity, they just refused to make the decision to put their own dignity before their hate.

This is really displayed by the last guy, who agreed that voting for Trump in 2024 feels like getting punched in the nuts, but somehow thinks that would still be better. \

Sad, really.

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