Trump Can't Land A Mall Job, And He Shouldn't Be President

Republican Voters Against Trump made a powerful ad. Donald Trump was charged with 88 felonies and was found liable for sexual assault. He could not get a job in a retail store for minimum wage. If the former president is too big a liability to get a job at a local mall, he is too big a liability to lead the United States.

Trump is making history this week, as the first ex-president to have a criminal trial. The Republicans Against Trump timed their latest ad to run during the former president’s criminal trial. Per the website,
“The ad uses first-person hidden-camera footage of a job applicant going to several stores and repeatedly being rejected after sharing that he has been indicted for stealing classified documents, paying hush money to porn stars, and attempting to overturn an election.”

Political Director of Republican Voters Against Trump, Gunner Ramer, made a statement about the new ad. “The MAGA base might rally to Trump’s defense in his criminal cases, but swing voters don’t want a potential felon in the White House,” said Ramer. “We’re sending the message that Donald Trump is unfit for office. If your local retailer won’t hire someone with Trump’s criminal record, why should the American people elect him to the nation’s highest office?”

In a Bloomberg February poll, 53 percent of voters in swing states said they would not vote for Trump if he were convicted of a criminal charge, per The Hill.

The outlet reported that Republican strategist Doug Heye stated Trump’s chances if he was convicted of a crime. Heye told Politico that a conviction “is absolutely a potential dealbreaker in an election that either [Trump or President Biden] could win or lose for a whole variety of reasons.” The Bloomberg poll occurred in key states that could make or break the election, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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