Trump Demands 100% Of Black Voters Should Be For Him

During a rally in Georgia on Saturday, Trump absurdly claimed Blacks and Hispanics have lost millions of jobs because of Biden.

Minorities should support Diminished Donald even when he hosts Nazis for dinner, while his MAGA buddies promote White Nationalism at every turn?

And even though President Biden is the biggest job creator we’ve seen in decades. His jobs numbers are better than Trump’s pre-pandemic 2019.

“We just had a poll come out. Now it doesn’t sound great, but it is great relative. you know, a guy, a stiff like Mitt Romney, I think he had 4% of the black vote I had as of this poll today, Marjorie, 28% if that’s the case, this election is over,” he crowed.

“Why don’t we just call the election over because at 28% and I hope that stays that way,” Trump said, immune to the fact that he tried to overthrow the 2020 election after losing badly, and now he wants to cancel the election in 2024 entirely and give it to himself.

“I hope it goes up higher — honestly, it should be 100% of the Black people should vote for Trump because I did more for black people than any president other than Abraham Lincoln. It’s true. it’s true. I did more than any president other than Abraham Lincoln,” Trump squealed.

A USA TODAY/Suffolk poll from January found that Trump’s support among Black voters has stayed the same at 12%.

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