Trump Doubles Down On Abortion Lies During South Dakota Rally

Here we go again with the “Democrats want to kill babies after they’re born” bull pucky. Jen Psaki recently did an excellent job of dismantling this nonsense, but that’s not going to stop the liars like Trump and most Republicans from repeating this crap over and over again.

Trump held a rally in Rapid City, South Dakota last night, and admitted that the Dobbs decision had hurt Republicans politically, but still insisted it was the right thing to do, before again telling the brazen lie about Democrats supposedly being evil baby killers.

TRUMP: And it’s probably cost us politically because the other side got energized. You know, they’re the radicals, not the pro-lifers. But now pro-lifers have a tremendous power to negotiate. They have a power. You had no power to negotiate because with Roe v Wade you couldn’t negotiate. They could do anything they wanted.

We didn’t have any of that before this ruling. This moves the issue back to the states, where every legal scholar said it should be. And like president Ronald Reagan, good man, but like Ronald Reagan before me, I support the three exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother. I support, not everybody does. I think a large portion do. I think you should, but again, that’s your own, that’s your own feeling.

Remember the Democrats are the radicals on this issue because they’re willing to kill babies in their fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth month and even after birth. They’re willing to kill babies, so when politicians talk about this, they have to say that they’re the extremists, because if you’re willing to take a baby out of the womb and the eighth month or the ninth month or after the baby’s born… remember that crazy governor, the past governor from Virginia, where he said when the baby’s born you make a decision.

And just recently with the Supreme Court… and so, by the way, the pro-life question, it’s going to get you in a position where a lot of tremendously good things are gonna happen. Fifty two years they tried to get that out, but we did it, and now you’re going to be in a position to do what everybody knows is right, and it’s a very important, very important decision. Nobody thought it would be possible to get but it’s something that’s very important.

It’s not “probably” going to cost them. It’s already cost them and it’s going to continue to cost them, because no matter how much they continue to lie about the issue, people know the truth that abortion is women’s health care and Republicans are the zealots, not Democrats. Keep on lying Trump. It’s not going to help you pick up any support from women or independents if we’re unfortunate enough to have you win the primary.

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