Trump Goes Full Cringe: GOP 'Debates Should Be ENDED'

It’s evident that Donald Trump, the one-term former President, calls the shots for the Republican party. He told his party to shut the government down. He told his party to impeach President Joe Biden. And they were all too happy to please who Susie Madrak calls The Precious. Republicans, for some reason, consider themselves to be beholden to former President Circus Peanut.

So, now he wants the RNC to cancel the rest of the GOP debates.

“I’m up 56 Points, so the Debates would seem to be a complete waste of time,” he wrote on Truth Social. “I’m also up 10 on Crooked Joe!” (That’s a lie)

“What is the RNC doing? They should be fighting against Election Interference & the Pennsylvania Voter Registration Scam. The Debates should be ENDED, BAD for the Republican Party!” he continued. “I was in Michigan last night with Autoworkers & others.”

“Watched Debate = REPORT CARD: Doug Burgum did a very good job, solid & smart! Sloppy Chris Christie was a DISASTER, A TRUMP DERANGED LUNATIC!” he said. “Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley was exposed for her caustic DISLOYALTY & LIES about the Republican Party, and me.”

“Doesn’t have what it takes, NEVER DID! Lyin’ Mike Pence has lost a lot of his energy,” he added. “Very flat, needs me badly! Actually, quite sad to watch, but he’ll get better. Too much J-6! Tim Scott stepped it up. Wonderful guy. Looking forward to getting his Endorsement! Vivek said I was a great President. Thank you. Good Job! Ron DeSanctimonious had a bad night. He can feel the end is near. Dropping like a rock!”

In a separate post, he got cringier.

“The second Republican Primary Debate on FoxNews had the Lowest Viewership since 2016. Their overall Ratings are down 30%,” he wrote. “FOX NEEDS MAGA, THEY JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET. STOP WITH THE BAD DEBATES & NEGATIVE ADS, NO MORE. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! DJT”

Wow, the ego on that guy. I’ve always wondered how this lunatic has so many followers willing to please him. Then I remembered when I lived with a psycho (we won’t talk about that.) When you live with a crazy person, you start thinking you’re going mad. And you are. So, that’s how we got stuck with a bunch of dysfunctional Q-lunatics who live to create chaos. They need a divorce. I know it can be done.

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