Trump Imitates Biden's Stutter At His Georgia Rally

Trump mocked Joe Biden’s stutter at a Georgia campaign rally on Saturday, drawing the ire of disability advocates. Via the Washington Post:

Trump asked the crowd sarcastically if Biden would “bring the country t-t-t-together” while talking about Biden’s State of the Union address. “I’m gonna bring it together,” Trump added, slurring the words.

But according to transcripts of the speech, Biden did not say that. It was similar to an attack on Biden earlier in January, where Trump accused Biden of stuttering through a speech and then play-acted as if he were Biden.

“He’s saying I’m a threat to democracy,” Trump said earlier this year, segueing into a taunt in which he imitates Biden. “He’s a threat to d-d-democracy.”

I keep seeing interviews with people who had long relationships with Trump, saying how incredibly charming he is. Although now that I think about it, most of them worked for him. And this is NOT charming!

Trump’s mockery of Biden was denounced by critics who called out the contrast of the two candidates. On X, formerly Twitter, they compared Trump mocking Biden alongside a video in 2020 when Biden hugged Brayden Harrington, a child with a stutter whom Biden inspired. John Hendrickson, the Atlantic writer whose profile of Biden’s stutter earlier that year brought it to the national stage, wrote in a piece on Sunday that Trump’s “ugly taunt” crossed a line. Hendrickson also stutters.

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