Trump Supporter Says Space Force Will Fix 'Stolen Election'

TFG had a rally in Washington, Michigan, and RSBN was right there to cover it. They had a reporter interviewing people before the event and, oh man, did they find a live one.

The reporter started talking with a woman who started out stating that she believed The Big Lie and that the 2020 election was “stolen.” She went on to say that Space Force has been working with Trump and know how the election was stolen. She went on to say that Space Force had watermarked ballots that apparently showed the election was stolen. The woman continued that they have the money trail, the names of officials who were bought off and by what countries were involved. The woman also claimed that Space Force could have as many as 500,000 indictments – up from 269,000 – ready to go. And when the time comes, Space Force will initiate martial law and show a week’s worth of footage showing military tribunals and taped confessions. She ended her revealing of these secrets by stating that the entire world would be awaken by what the Deep State has been up to.

The cognitive dissonance in some people is something to behold. This woman has made up an unbelievably complex scenario in her mind just because she couldn’t believe that the majority of Americans rejected Trump and his fascism. The only question is whether this woman will have a breakdown or run for Congress.

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