Trump Tells A Doozy Of A Sir Story, And No One Believes Him

If you liberated yourself from the TV this morning, and you accidentally (wink wink) missed Donald Trump’s interview with Maria Bartiromo, have no fear. We saved the only good part of the lie-fest. It’s seven seconds long and compares to the former President’s claims of big, strong men with tears in their eyes hugging him because he saved their jobs. I want to add that Trump left office with the worst job numbers since Herbert Hoover.

Sure, COVID was ravaging the country, but a bunch of teabilly nutjobs thought they should vote in a former reality show star with zero political experience to the highest seat in the land, so we ended up with a version of a President — an obese septuagenarian with a broken brain who thinks he looks like Elvis. That’s why we ended up with a President who massively bungled his response to a pandemic.

The only one of Trump’s lies that makes me laugh are the ‘tears in their eyes’ who call him “sir.” On Fox News, Trump retold his lie that hard-working people run up to him and hug him because they’re so grateful.

“I have steel people that every time they see me, they start to cry,” Lumpy insisted. “They hug me. They said, you saved our industry, but now we’re letting it go.”

Xitter users had some fun with this.

His feewings are still hurt because he doesn’t have the teamster vote, and Shawn Fain said mean things about it. He never mentioned how he would fix the problem, just as he never mentioned how he’d fix the problem with Russia invading Ukraine. He’s just a shameless liar. His record sucks, and he has nothing to go after Biden with that’s factual. He tried to attack him for the economy — but the economy is booming. Trump is out of ideas. Bartiromo, of course, didn’t challenge the twice-impeached liar.

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