Tuberville Blames Dems For His Holds On Military Nominees

Sen. Tommy Tuberville made the glaring claim that it’s the Democrats’ fault that he’s been blockading military nominees. It’s become embarrassing how one elected official can hold off on so many military nominees. Just one guy. That’s our Tommy.

“I am not the first person to do this,” he said. “Holds on nominations happen all the time. Holds on military nominations happen and have happened many times before.”

“Typically, they don’t last long because the senator gets what he wants and negotiates and then doesn’t get what he wants,” Tuberville said.

“But that’s not what’s happened this time,” he continued. “Abortion is so important to the Democrats, that they have not negotiated with me. Zero.”

“This has been a long nine months for us all,” he insisted. “Every day, this continues as a day that my Democratic colleagues think abortion is more important than these nominations.”

“I support many of these nominees,” he continued. “I agree that they’re very, very important jobs. But we could have been voting on these nominees the entire time.”

“I’m not blocking all these at once,” he added. “Vote on them one at a time.”

Tuberville has singlehandedly done this. It’s all on him. He’s feeling the heat.

Watch Senator Fetterman just laugh at him while he’s presiding over the Senate:

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