Uh Oh, Marge Posts Anti-LGBTQ Video That's Clearly A Fake

The absurd and ridiculous Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene must have been jealous at the attention that another member of the Chaos Crew has been getting. Marge took to her Twitter (Xitter, whatever you want to call it) account to gleefully share a video of a mom pulling down a Pride flag in the classroom. Of course, the video is fake, and the acting is really bad.

“GOD BLESS THIS MAMA!!!!! I stand with her!!!” Greene wrote. “Teachers are paid by taxpayers – the PARENTS!!! Get the LGBTQ propaganda out of the schools!”

Under the original posting of the video, the community notes read, “This video was made by an independent production crew known for provocative classroom scenes with recurring actors and sets, intentionally stirs online reactions for engagement and discussion.”

Twitter users were happy to point out that she fell for a fake video.

Go home, Marge. You’re drunk. Next, a surveillance clip will come out of her with her new boyfriend, Brian Glenn, groping each other in public. Ewww! No one wants to see that.

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