Ukrainian Teen 'Rescued' By Russia Forced Into Russian Army

This case is more unusual than most of the Ukrainian men being forced to fight for Russia against Ukraine in that children’s commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova made a big deal of his “rescue” from Mariupol in the early part of the war. Skip ahead almost two years though and Russia is about to send him back to Ukraine to fight and most likely die on behalf of Mother Russia.

Average life expectancy for newly mobilized Russian conscripts is just 4 months.

Source: Newsweek

A Ukrainian teenager who Vladimir Putin’s children’s commissioner said had been rescued by Russian troops from a Moscow-occupied city has received a summons to join the Russian army after he turns 18, it has been reported.

The case of Bogdan Ermokhin comes as Moscow continues to face accusations that it has forcibly deported thousands of children from occupied areas of Ukraine since the start of its full-scale invasion.

In March, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued arrest warrants for President Putin and his children’s commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova for overseeing the unlawful deportations of Ukrainian children to Russia. Ukraine has said that over 19,000 children have been de facto abducted from the occupied territories and sent to Russia since February 2022.

In total, over 700,000 Ukrainian children have been “received” by Russia (stolen).

Russian children’s rights commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova said in July that over 700,000 Ukrainian children have been “received” by Russia since its full-scale invasion in February 2022, an “overwhelming majority” of whom arrived without parents or relatives.

Primarily because the children were stolen or their parents executed.

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