Web3Intelligence Raises $4.5M to Fuel Compliant Innovation in Digital Asset Space

The digital asset firm is also preparing for its native token rollout, $DOPE, in the coming weeks. 

Web3Intelligence, a digital asset platform helping users build wealth through decentralized finance, has successfully completed a $4.5 million private funding round, a statement from the team this Thursday reads. Several top blockchain firms participated in the capital round, including DAO Maker, Shima Capital, and Gate.io, among others. 

The capital will be used to develop the platform, helping retailers and institutions leverage digital assets, Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) in wealth-building opportunities across the DeFi ecosystem. 

Notwithstanding, Web3Intelligence also stated it is in its final stages of launching $DOPE, the platform-native token of its novel super app, Dopamine. The token will act as a utility token across the Dopamine super app, allowing retailers and businesses to take advantage of Dopamine’s Web 3 infrastructure and its inbuilt world standard anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. 

Speaking on the capital raise and potential launch of $DOPE, Christoph Zaknun, CEO & Founder of DAO Maker, praised Web3Intelligence as a “significant ecosystem enhancer”, offering users state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure to build their decentralized applications. 

“Web3Intelligence has the team and tools to become a significant ecosystem enhancer,” said Christoph Zaknun. “Their approach to integrating AML standards into the DeFi space while offering meaningful benefits to token holders is truly innovative.”

$DOPE serves as a multi-layer token that will be the key driver of activity across the Dopamine ecosystem, unlocking access to powerful functionalities and premium features. Holders of the $DOPE token will gain full access to Web3Intelligence’s tech stack and code to use within their platforms. In addition, holders will also gain access to advanced AML compliance tools, via the Dopamine super app, allowing them to be regulatory compliant within the DeFi ecosystem.

“Our super app is a game-changer, offering an entirely chain-agnostic approach to wealth-building and world-beating AML,” said Karim Chaib, CEO of Web3Intelligence. “Because we aggregate and standardize AML information, we can provide a comprehensive view of web3 wallets that meets the standards expected of compliance officers, as well as users seeking a holistic understanding of their digital asset portfolios.”

The platform also provides an AML scoring mechanism encapsulated into on-chain NFTs. This enables centralized and decentralized institutions to verify wallet transactions within their protocols or applications, preventing any form of illicit activities. 

Web3Intelligence has witnessed massive growth in its three-year lifetime, with over 3.5 million downloads and over 200,000 NFTs distributed. The launch of $DOPE is expected to further grow its community, as new users look for new possibilities for more secure, compliant and safe digital weal-building platforms. 

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