What NFL Athletes and Their Families Have Said About Game Day Ticket Prices

It’s becoming very pricey to attend an NFL game — even if you are a family member of a player.

The prices have continually increased through the years, with an average regular season ticket costing upwards of $375 in 2023.

Football’s biggest day of 2024 is no exception, with Super Bowl LVIII being the most expensive game on record. To watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas, tickets cost about $8,000.

The sticker shock has kept some NFL athletes and their families from buying tickets, including 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey’s mom, Lisa McCaffrey, who confessed she couldn’t afford it.

“We looked into a suite and none of us can afford it,” Lisa said on the “Your Mom” podcast in January 2024. “Not even Christian, moneybags over there nor moneybags Olivia [Culpo]. So, we are not in a suite. I’ll tell you that right now.”

Shortly after Lisa’s admission, Culpo revealed she bought a Super Bowl suite for her fiancée’s mom’s birthday.

Scroll down for what NFL athletes and their families have said about game day ticket prices:

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Donna Kelce

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce’s mom, Donna Kelce, knows all too well the struggles of attending the Super Bowl after her sons famously faced off against each other in 2023.

“If your child has a heartbeat, you have to pay for them,” Donna told Today in February 2024. “It doesn’t matter if they’re just were born. If you have a child, even if you’re holding them the whole time, you have to pay the full price.”

Donna noted that “it’s a little pricey” for parents to bring their children to the game, but it’s a special family moment that’s hard to miss.

“You want them to know that you were there when your father was in the Super Bowl, so that you can tell them that later on in life,” she said.

Sydney Warner

49ers linebacker Fred Warner’s wife, Sydney Warner, shared in a February 2023 TikTok that all tickets for home and away games aren’t free. She noted that her husband’s team is offered seats at a discounted rate.

Everything NFL Athletes Their Families Have Said About Ticket Prices
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Kylie Kelce

Jason and his wife, Kylie Kelce, candidly discussed their decision to buy their children tickets to watch their dad play in Super Bowl LVII during their Kelce documentary.

“We are going to pay almost $4,000 for a f–king kid who’s not going to sit in a seat,” Kylie said in the Prime Video film, which dropped in September 2023. “To watch her dad play in a game. That’s bananas.”

When their daughter Elliotte appeared on the screen with her baby doll, Jason asked her whether she wanted to go to the Super Bowl. Elliotte shook her head before adding, “My baby [doll] wants to go to the Super Bowl, too.” (Jason and Kylie also share daughters Wyatt and Bennett.)

Britton Colquitt

The former Denver Broncos punter welcomed his third child just days before the team was set to play in the Super Bowl in 2016. While each player was allotted 15 tickets for the game, each one was worth $1,800 — even for babies.

“There’s no age limit to tickets,” Britton Colquitt told the Denver Post at the time. “It’s $1,800 for our week-old daughter we just had. It’s kind of crazy.”

He explained that while his daughter wouldn’t remember the day, he made the decision to include her.

“If we win and my wife and two kids are there, but she’s not, how do I explain that to her?” Colquitt explained to CBS Sports. “In the pictures, if we win, I’d like her to be in it.”

Everything NFL Athletes Their Families Have Said About Ticket Prices
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Lisa McCaffrey

Before Culpo surprised Lisa with a Super Bowl LVIII suite to watch Christian, the NFL star’s mom opened up about her struggles to secure a ticket and shared that her family was able to “negotiate” a group of tickets in a specific section of the stands.

“I don’t exactly understand what it is, but anyway we are in [that area]. Part of the problem is I wanted eight tickets together because I felt strongly about everybody being together,” Lisa said, adding that her husband, Ed McCaffrey, and other sons would be joining her and Culpo. “[Tickets are] outrageously expensive.”

She continued, “[Christian’s] best friends, they can’t afford it, and Christian used all his [allotted] tickets to get these other seats for us. All his good friends, they’re gonna come out and they’re going to go have a watch party somewhere and we’ll find them later.”

Chanen Johnson

When asked via TikTok whether there is a “family room inside the stadium” for player’s families to watch the game, Saints tight end Juwan Johnson’s wife Chanen Johnson quickly set the facts straight.

“No,” Chanen said in the November 2023 video. “I feel like this is a common misconception because a lot of the times whenever you see families on TV it’s because they’re catching a glimpse of them in their suites or where they’re sitting at with their families. But it’s not free. The regular bad seats aren’t free, let alone the suites.”

Channen explained that “cheaper” stadium suites cost about $20,000, whereas others can cost up to $50,000.

Kelly Stafford

Ahead of the NFC Championship game in January 2022, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly Stafford announced she was going to purchase tickets for fans after seeing how cost prohibitive they were.

During an episode of her podcast, “The Morning After With Kelly Stafford & Hank,” she shared that she purchased tickets for about 240 people, ranging in price from $850 to $1,200 each.


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