Who Is Trump Beholden To For $91.6M Bond In Carroll Defamation Suit?

Trump posted bond for the E. Jean Carroll defamation case, but there are a lot of questions about where that money came from. As Raw Story discussed, “Judge Lewis Kaplan has invited E. Jean Carroll to object to former President Donald Trump’s plan to pay a $92 million bond in the defamation case against him through a third party, reported MSNBC’s Katie Phang on Friday.:

This comes after the former president sought unsuccessfully for the court to grant a series of delays that would have let him put off posting a bond altogether.

“After 10:30 a.m. today, the defendant filed an application to approve a supersedeas bond in the amount of $91,630,000 and to stay execution on plaintiff’s judgment against the defendant pending appeal,” wrote Kaplan in a brief order.

Mueller, She Wrote posted this to Xitter about the Chubb Group who is posting the bond for Trump if it’s approved:

As Andrew Weissmann wrote in response:

And as Weissman noted in response to Katie Phang’s reporting:

Weissman also wondered if someone like Musk was co-signing the bond.

We’ll see what Carroll’s lawyers file in response. The deadline is coming up soon.

And as the MSNBC panel discussed in the clip above, Trump is scraping for money and does not have all of the cash he claimed he had at his disposal. The shareholders at the company that just agreed to lend him money should have some concerns about their company’s risk, and we’ll see which assets are seized sooner rather than later with the even bigger $450 million judgment he’s going to have to contend with.

The most pathetic thing about all of this is that our corporate media isn’t immediately screaming to the hills on every single network about the threat to our national security this guy represents with all of this – and who he owes money.

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