Why Do Anti-Trump Republicans Still Intend To Vote For Him?

Corky Messner was a 2020 Republican Senate candidate who Donald Trump enthusiastically endorsed. So why is he now fighting tooth and nail to keep Trump off the ballot?

Cliff Schecter dives into the obvious question–why did he change his mind? Could it be that a Republican might actually have integrity and the courage of his convictions, including adhering to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which bars insurrectionists from holding office? Second, what has happened inside the Republican Party since he began his push to take Trump from the ballot? Does it explain a larger conflict happening in America right now?

Yet, finally, despite everything, might Messner still vote for Trump? He told NBC News that it was still on the table. How does this make any sense!? Though, in the interview, you can see in real time how he starts to think it through, to reconsider. It’s a fascinating view into cognitive dissonance that has destroyed the Republican Party and threatens this country.

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