Yes, Interview Outfits Can Be Stylish—5 Looks Guaranteed to Impress

Apart from what to wear to your wedding, I think we can all agree that what to wear to an interview is probably one of the biggest wardrobe conundrums. In the Who What Wear office, we’ve spent time discussing the perfect outfit for an interview (down to the intricacies of what kind of hairdo one should adopt). And while we feel like we’ve settled on some some pretty helpful, general advice, it’s also fair to say there’s no rulebook for this kind of thing. So, we figured we’d ask the experts (ourselves included!) and share our top tips with you.

Inspired by some of the most stylish women—and armed with some excellent industry advice—we’ve decoded five outfits that always seem to impress for any office type job scenario. Basically, anything that could end up in a dream job offer will be benefitted by a confidence-boosting, personality showcasing ensemble. No rush jobs or last-minute sweat-patch nightmares here.

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