You'll Never Guess Who Was Behind Those Fake Biden Robocalls!

Huh! I mean, we’re used to Republicans doing things like this. I’m a tad surprised that the Desperate Dean Phillips campaign would stoop this low. Via NBC News:

NEW ORLEANS — A Democratic consultant who worked for a rival presidential campaign paid a New Orleans magician to use artificial intelligence to impersonate President Joe Biden for a robocall that is now at the center of a multistate law enforcement investigation, according to text messages, call logs and Venmo transactions the creator shared with NBC News.

Paul Carpenter says he was hired in January by Steve Kramer — who was working on ballot access for Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips — to use AI software to make an imitation of Biden’s voice urging New Hampshire Democrats not to vote in the state’s presidential primary.

“I created the audio used in the robocall. I did not distribute it,” Carpenter said in an interview in New Orleans, where he is currently residing. “I was in a situation where someone offered me some money to do something, and I did it. There was no malicious intent. I didn’t know how it was going to be distributed.”

Carpenter — who holds world records in fork-bending and straitjacket escapes, but has no fixed address — showed NBC News how he created the fake Biden audio and said he came forward because he regrets his involvement in the ordeal and wants to warn people about how easy it is to use AI to mislead. Creating the fake audio took less than 20 minutes and cost only $1, he said, for which he was paid $150, according to Venmo payments from Kramer and his father, Bruce Kramer, he shared.

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