Your Stupid Republican Congressman Clip Of The Day

Former urologist Congressman Greg Murphy pissed away any chance of being taken seriously this morning on CNN.

The topic was his insistence that Hunter Biden should be held in contempt of Congress for not testifying to one of the Republican Congress’s eleventy-billion “taxpayer-funded content for Fox News” committees. Same as it ever was since Solyndra Benghazi baby parts pizzagate birther tan suit Christmas card lists and “the tarmac.”

CNN Host John Berman did the anti-Republican thing of “remembering stuff” and pointed out that Murphy had voted AGAINST a contempt of Congress charge against Steve Bannon, who is currently appealing his conviction of said contempt. Bannon refused to testify to the January 6 Commission, which, you might recall, was focused on the behavior of a so-called sitting US president during an insurrection against a free and fair election.

But Murphy said holding Hunter Biden in contempt was completely different because it involved an elected official.

Berman expressed confusion given that (screams in reality-based community) Hunter Biden isn’t an elected official.

“Yeah but Joe Biden argle bargle!” said the not-too-bright Republican.

We’ve got to take back the House and hold the Senate and White House next year, folks. Dummies don’t get to run the country.

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