Nick Fuentes: Conservatives Dominate Women Without Rape Or Murder

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago dinner party guest and Neo-Nazi Christian nationalist Nick Fuentes ranted about how the conservative moment is now dominated by women who aren’t in fear of their lives any longer.

NICK FUENTES: Even these toughest guys or those that pretend to be the most tough or the most masculine? They’ve got their dumb bitch wife right behind them in their ear.

And we both know that guy is never going to punch her in the face, he’s never going to kill her… There’s, it’s just like the woman knows that’s not even in the cards. It’s not in the deck, okay?

She’s going to open up that pack of cards and it’s not in there.

Zero percent chance, okay? It’s never going to happen.

He’s never going to cheat, there’s no rape there’s no, in other words there’s no there’s no actually male power coming from the man.

Like the man is not a beast… the man is not an animal… he doesn’t have power, because he would never abuse whatever power that he has, and therefore he doesn’t have it.

And so because the woman knows the man [she] totally doesn’t fear him, doesn’t feel completely comfortable and kind of bored with him, she doesn’t ever really respect him.

And that’s when the power dynamic, I think, changes.

This is as ultra-misogynist and hateful as a rant can be. Trump is counting on his vote and other creeps like him.

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